May 19, 2021

Local Sun Prairie Jewelry Store, a Dream Come True

By Art Fish

Our jewelry store has been in continuous business since 1871 when Rudolph Schiller first opened his store.

As the new owner of Prairie Jewelers, I am excited to continue the tradition of trust and quality that Mike has established for the last 38 years.

Having worked for the oldest and managing the largest Jewelry Stores in Madison, owning my own store is a dream come true. Our store has a comfortable, low stress atmosphere where you can browse at your pace and know you're being treated with respect.

I’d like Prairie Jewelers to become the jewelry store you think of for Engagement and Anniversary rings. It’s a pleasure to walk people through the process of buying their engagement rings as it can become quite intimidating.

local sun prairie jewelers

Sun Prairie, WI is growing so quickly, and has been our home for many decades. There is plenty to do in downtown Sun PrairieHistorical buildings, unique décor and apparel shops, spa services, delicious cuisine from across the culinary globe, craft beverages, the Sun Prairie Historical Museum, and city services are just a few of the things downtown has to offer.

Here at Prairie Jewelers, we do everything in-house and onsite to your highest expectations. Do you need a Custom Wedding Ring made? I love my customers!! After the lack of weddings last year we are excited to see all the wedding rings we're selling. Whether you need a custom ring or a plain band, we can help.

Jewelry repair in Sun Prairie, WI has been our best service throughout the years. We love seeing customers faces when they see their beloved heirlooms come back to life. Professional jewelry repair you can count on, from the very best at Prairie Jewelers. 

The year 2021 has started off great and the support from the local Sun Prairie community has been overwhelming after a car accident unfortunately shut us down for a few days while we rebuild. 

We have plans of rebuilding better than before, with a new style of store front that will give shoppers a great view. 

Owning a jewelry store in Sun Prairie has been a dream come true and I can't thank the community enough for the support. 

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