Jewelry Repair

It Starts with Trust and Expertise

Our trained craftsman Mike has years of experience with all types of custom jewelry and repair work, so you can rest assured knowing your prized possessions are in good hands. Whether you need ring resizing, chain repair, or prong repair Prairie Jewelers does it all! (We also have watch batteries in store.) 

From simple fixes all the way up to complex overhauls, our master jewelers who draw on decades of experience, can repair, restore and even recreate your favorite pieces.

Ring Repair Services

One of our most common services is ring resizing. We do these on a daily basis. We simply determine what size finger you have and make sure it fits to your exact liking. We like to be very precise to ensure your ring stays on your finger no matter what you are doing!

  • Ring Resizing¬†(Popular)
  • Clean & Polish
  • Engraving
  • Prong Re-tipping
  • Rebuild or Replace Prongs
  • Rhodium Coating
  • Ring Refurbishment
  • Ring Shank Reshaping/Replacement
  • Half and Full Shank Repair
  • Solder Rings Together
  • Set Stones (Stone setting, Tighten Loose Stones)
  • Stone Replacement
  • And others!

Necklace, Bracelet, & Earring Repair Services

  • Broken Chain Repair
  • Chain Soldering, Clean & Polish
  • Engraving
  • Prong Re-Tipping
  • Rebuild/Replace Prong Refurbishing
  • Replace/Repair Clasps
  • Solder/Fix Break in Chain
  • Stone Setting
  • Stone Matching
  • Stone Replacement
  • And others!

Get your Jewelry Repaired near Madison, WI

We always strive to the best of our ability, to go above and beyond in our efforts to take care of you, our customers at all times. As part of our commitment to service, we keep you updated every step of the way while your jewelry is in our repair shop. Come into the shop, give use a call, or simply send a message to us today. We look forward to making your jewelry as good as new again!

Repairing pendant damaged by fire

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