• May 14th Incident

    May 14th Incident

    On Friday May 14th, an elderly couple apparently had an unexpected episode and ended up driving their SUV through the entrance of the store. 

    I am beyond happy that there were no injuries in the incident. I am planning on resuming normal business as soon as possible, but as of now playing it by ear. 

    No business plans for things like this but I ask you to keep me in your prayers. 

    May 14th Incident Prairie Jewelers Car

    Prairie Jewelers Car Crash

    Prairie Jewelers Car Crash #2


    Thank you to the first responders involved. 

    Contact information:

    Prairie Jewelers

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  • Synthetic, Natural and Simulated Diamonds. What's the difference?

    Synthetic, Natural and Simulated Diamonds. What's the difference?

    Synthetic diamonds are lab made diamonds and are 100% real diamonds. 

    Diamonds that come from nature, formed deep inside the earth under high pressure and temperature, are known as natural diamonds.

    Synthetic diamonds are known as laboratory-grown diamonds, laboratory-created diamonds, cultured diamonds, or cultivated diamonds. 

    Synthetic diamonds share the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. 

    An advantage of buying synthetic diamonds is that compared to natural stone, lab grown diamonds are cheaper. Stones created in the laboratory are also often flawless or nearly flawless diamond quality.

    Diamond certificates issued by the G.I.A indicate if the diamond is synthetic. Aside from a trained eye, It is highly unlikely for someone to be able to tell synthetic diamonds apart from natural diamonds. 

    Synthetic Diamonds VS Simulated Diamonds

    Synthetic versus Simulated Diamonds


    Simulated diamonds are NOT the same thing as real diamonds. Examples of simulated diamonds are cubic zirconia (CZ). These stones will sell for a relatively low price compared to synthetic or natural diamonds. 

    Prairie Jewelers offers a wide arrange of diamonds including natural, synthetic, and simulated. Shop online or come to the store to view our selection. 

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  • Picking the Perfect Gift for your Girlfriend

    Picking the Perfect Gift for your Girlfriend

    There is no better feeling than giving someone that you love a gift they will love forever. 

    They say it is better to give than to receive, so today let's talk about the right present for each stage of a relationship. 

    Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend can often be tricky. 

    How much is too much? Does jewelry make sense for a gift, is it too soon?

    Here are some guidelines on gift giving for each stage of your relationship. 


    One Month

    Simple, yet thoughtful gifts. A gift card doesn’t cut it in a relationship. It is simple, but not thoughtful. A coffee mug, scarf, maybe tickets to a concert would be a much better alternative. 

    Stay away from live animals, you’re only one month into the relationship and animals can be a bigger commitment that takes time. 

    Three to Six Months

    You have spent a lot of time getting to know each other's interests and tastes. Consider small, yet meaningful jewelry like earrings with her birthstone. At this stage we are looking for something thoughtful and meaningful, but not crazy expensive.

    Take notes of the colors and what type of jewelry metal she wears most often. (yellow, white, something else?) These observations will help you pick something she’ll love. 

    One Year 

    You’ve got a lot of wiggle room here and can get her just about anything. Six months to a year is totally good for jewelry, but it all depends on the jewelry and the woman. To one woman, a half carat diamond pendant may be no big deal, but to another woman that’s the gift you get when you’re 50 from your spouse. 

    If you want to plan a trip, you can do anything from a weekend getaway to a local spa resort to a full-blown trip to Italy for two weeks depending on your budget (and time). When you’re in a committed relationship, this is an appropriate gift. 

    What to shy away from: Clothes. You’re probably relieved to hear this. Clothing is such a tricky gift because the fit, style, fabric, and about a dozen other factors all come into play when she’s deciding what she likes.

    Five or more Years

    Gifts at this stage in your relationship—where you’re sure the commitment is there and you’ve been together long enough to where you know what she wants—should be special. 

    Go a little more extravagant and splurge on something you know she’ll really love like a diamond ring or bag. 

    At this point, it is also ok to go the practical route and get her something that’s useful, but still high quality. 

    If you’re gifting an everyday item, make sure you pair it with a card that has really beautiful words, or cook her a fantastic dinner to go with it.

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