Custom Jewelry

Creating a custom piece of jewelry is an experience that will last a life time. 

At Prairie Jewelers you'll enjoy a unique jewelry experience! This has been a jewelry business since 1871. 

Custom Jewelry near Madison, WI


Custom work making one of a kind jewelry items is our specialty, and what I like best. Fine gems, unusual cuts, and more selection than the 12 birthstones abound. 

All work is done on the premises by Master Jeweler, Mike. 

The ancient lost art of wax casting is done here, and you become part of the process. Mike will personally walk you through the steps of custom making jewelry.

Custom Design Consultation

We will guide you through the process of creating that special something. We will join you in your journey from start to completion. Bring photos, drawings or simply ideas.


Following your desired design aspects, we will determine whether a hand drawn sketch or a CAD design will best translate the idea.

Design Review 

This is where we review the design drawing with you.

Wax Model 

With the drawing approved, our next phase is to create the wax model. This will be the final approval of the process.

custom engagement ring


The final stage of the process, where the model is cast, polished, set and finished!

custom jewelry madison wi


This process can take as little as six weeks yet is dependent on the intricacy of the design. 

A local family owned jewelry store in Madison, WI - we promise to provide a personalized jewelry experience when shopping at Prairie Jewelers.

To get started on your very own custom piece of jewelry. Stop by the store, or give us a call.