June 01, 2023

Dazzling June Gemstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone

By Art Fish
Dazzling June Gemstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone
Hello, my dear friends and cherished patrons,

As we flip our calendars to June, we are met with warm summer days, bright skies, and the beginning of a new gemstone cycle. June holds the honor of being one of those unique months that is associated not just with one, but three different gemstones: the timeless pearl, the color-changing alexandrite, and the mystical moonstone. Today, I am excited to share my passion for these gems and unravel the stories and qualities that make each of them truly unique.

Pearls are perhaps the most recognized of June's gemstones. Their classic appeal and timeless elegance have made them a beloved choice for centuries. Unlike most other gems that are mined from the earth, pearls are produced by living organisms, mainly oysters and mussels. They are a testament to nature's ability to turn an irritant into a thing of beauty – the embodiment of grace under pressure. From a simple string of pearls to a more modern pearl cocktail ring, these gems offer unparalleled sophistication.

June's second gemstone, alexandrite, is a captivating marvel of nature known for its phenomenal color-changing property. Alexandrite appears green in daylight or fluorescent light and turns to a red or purplish-red in incandescent light. This gem, discovered in Russia in the 19th century, symbolizes good fortune and love, making it a heartwarming gift for those with June birthdays. Due to its rarity, jewelry featuring alexandrite tends to carry a higher price tag, but the allure and magic of this color-changing stone make it worth every penny.

Last but by no means least, we have moonstone, named for its eerie, moon-like sheen. Moonstone typically boasts a delicate blue or white sheen against a translucent background, but can be found in a variety of colors. Throughout history, many cultures have associated moonstone with lunar deities, believing it to possess the properties of balance, introspection, and reflection. A piece of moonstone jewelry, such as a pendant or a pair of earrings, can be a striking addition to anyone's personal collection.

Each of these June gemstones carries its unique beauty and symbolism, allowing individuals to choose the one that resonates most with their personal style and life story. Whether you opt for the classic appeal of pearl, the dramatic allure of alexandrite, or the ethereal beauty of moonstone, remember that the best gemstone is the one that speaks to you.

I invite you to celebrate June's glorious trio of gemstones. Whether you're shopping for a loved one or treating yourself, remember the charm and allure that these precious stones bring. At our local store, we're always ready to assist you in finding the perfect gemstone piece to celebrate this month or any moment worth cherishing.

Here's to a brilliant June, filled with warmth, joy, and dazzling gemstones!

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