December 06, 2023

December's Dazzling Trio: Exploring the Gemstones of the Month

By Jamie Fish
December's Dazzling Trio: Exploring the Gemstones of the Month

As the crisp air of December descends upon us, ushering in the holiday season, our thoughts naturally turn to gifts and celebrations. For those born in this wintry month, the perfect present comes adorned with one of December's three captivating birthstones: turquoise, blue zircon, or tanzanite.

Turquoise: This vibrant stone, ranging from sky blue to greenish hues, has captivated hearts for millennia. Prized by ancient Egyptians and Native Americans, turquoise symbolizes wisdom, protection, and good fortune. Its unique matrix, resembling a spiderweb or veins of gold, adds an element of intrigue to any piece of jewelry.


Blue Zircon: Sparkling with fiery brilliance, blue zircon is a captivating rival to diamonds. From icy, almost white, to deep sapphire blue, this versatile stone offers a spectrum of possibilities. Known for enhancing creativity and self-expression, blue zircon is a perfect choice for those seeking to embrace their inner artist.

Blue Zircon

Tanzanite: Exclusive to a single, remote location in Tanzania, tanzanite is a truly unique and wondrous gem. Boasting an iridescent blue-purple hue that shifts with the light, tanzanite exudes an air of royalty and sophistication. It is believed to promote inner peace and spiritual growth, making it a cherished possession for those embarking on new journeys.

Blue Emerald Cut Tanzanite Gemstone

The Perfect December Gift:

No matter your personality or style, one of December's birthstones is sure to resonate. At Prairie Jewelers, we are proud to offer a stunning selection of jewelry featuring these captivating gems. From classic pendants and rings to modern earrings and bracelets, our passionate team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece to celebrate a December birthday or simply indulge in a touch of wintery magic.

Embrace the Festive Spirit:

This holiday season, let the dazzling beauty of December's birthstones add a touch of joy and sparkle to your loved ones' lives. Visit us at Prairie Jewelers and discover a world of exquisite gemstones waiting to be cherished.

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