May 01, 2023

Discover the Beauty and Durability of Sapphires

By Art Fish
Discover the Beauty and Durability of Sapphires

Sapphire Gemstone of the Month: Beauty, Durability, and Versatility

As one of the most admired gemstones globally, sapphires captivate with their striking colors and remarkable durability. Although typically associated with the color blue, sapphires encompass a diverse palette, including pink, yellow, green, and white.

The Unrivaled Durability of Sapphires

A key factor in the gemstone's popularity is its hardness, boasting a 9 on the Mohs scale—only surpassed by diamonds. The impressive resistance to scratches and ability to endure daily wear make sapphires an ideal choice for engagement rings and other frequently worn jewelry.

Rich History and Mythology of Sapphires

Sapphires possess a storied past, believed to shield wearers from harm and jealousy. The gemstone symbolizes wisdom and virtue, often adorning royalty as an emblem of authority and power. The British Crown Jewels showcase some of the world's most renowned sapphires, such as the Stuart Sapphire and the Blue Giant of the Orient.

Sapphire Types and Colors: Discover Your Perfect Match

When selecting a sapphire, familiarize yourself with the various types and colors. Blue sapphires remain the most recognized and sought-after, but other options include pink (a ruby variation), yellow, and color-changing sapphires that transition from blue to purple or green depending on lighting. Sapphires come in various shapes and sizes, from modest accent stones to prominent centerpieces.

Caring for Your Sapphire Jewelry: Tips for Longevity

To preserve your sapphire jewelry's brilliance, follow these essential care guidelines:

  1. Clean your sapphire pieces regularly with warm, soapy water and a soft brush.
  2. Avoid exposing your sapphire jewelry to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or sudden impacts.
  3. Schedule regular inspections with a professional jeweler to ensure secure settings and detect any chips or cracks.

Prairie Jewelers: Your Destination for Exquisite Sapphire Jewelry

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